I love sunsets! There is a certain kind of happiness, of absolute joy that I feel whenever I see sunsets, particularly when the sun is aglow and the clouds forming various spectacular shapes.

Manila Bay's famous sunset

Whenever time permits and I am stuck in the concrete jungle, I head out to Manila Bay and wait for the sun to set. I would like to share with you one afternoon of utter bliss.

Presenting to you the hues of Manila Bay’s sunset, without Photoshop or any filters.

Still early in the afternoon
Patiently waiting for the sun to set at the balcony of this giant mall across Manila Bay.

Cloud formations
Cloud formations – don’t you just love the millions of shapes?! Looks like it’s going to be a wonderful afternoon after all. I can’t wait!

Golden streaks
Golden streaks are coming out!

Finally! Manila Bay’s famous glorious sunset! Leaps of joy for the soul, peace for the mind and absolute bliss for the heart.

Painting or photograph?

Manila Bay's golden sunset

Manila Bay's golden sunset hitting some high notes!
I hope you enjoyed Manila Bay’s sunset as much as I did!

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