Savvy Sojourns Turns 1

Savvy Sojourns' first official post back in September 1, 2011

September 1st, 2011 will always be a memorable day for Savvy Sojourns as it made its first post in the world wide wide. Though it took several years before my travel blog came to life, its first year was not as smooth sailing as I envisioned it to be.

I admire other bloggers to juggle more than two blogs at a time. I have an aspiring food blog as well - something that was also conceptualized for years. Savvy Sojourns almost had the same path as my food blog, conceptualization wise. Unlike others which started on a whim or the existence of available time in their hands, my travel blog was the offspring of pure love for travel combined with the hope to share the beauty of my country - despitee the absence or lack of time and abundance of dinero to go on a travel spree.

Savvy Sojourns' first year had it's highs and lows. My three favorite spots across the archipelago graced the pages of my first year. Tagaytay City, the nation's second summer capital was introduced for my Luzon feature. Cebu City's landmarks and a Filipino Saint to-be (in the coming days) were highlights of my Visayan leg. Davao City - a city that is close to my heart was given exposure during my Mindanao posts.

Sadly, there were times when I could not attend to Savvy Sojourns - days became weeks and then it turns to a month or more. It has also dampen my spirits when I saw another travel blog of the same name only two months after I established mine. I was looking forward to a DOT COM domain after a year of Savvy Sojourns. I knew I would get that since nobody else was sporting my name. But as they say, SHIT HAPPENS and there are some people not just as creative enough to think of another name. Readers of this travel blog may have read how pissed off I am since November when this other blog appeared, two months after I published mine. Will I ever forget about this? Not in this lifetime you bet! But I believe my travel blog, has more meaning, purpose and depth with each post. This travel blog is not just some old random post of events or travels. It's a journey to a world of pleasurable discoveries - from the Republic of the Philippines, boasting 80 provinces and 7107 majestic islands. You can rain on my parade but nothing beats the beauty of this thriving nation.     

For its 2nd year, join me as I journey to a world of pleasurable discoveries only here Savvy Sojourns. Cheers!

My sincerest thanks for checking out this site and spending your precious time. Hope you continue to join me as I share my journey to a world of pleasurable discoveries only here at Savvy Sojourns.

I hope you will join me as I explore a larger world. Those who have seen my food blog Eat To Your Heart's Content know that for me, food comes first, but travel is equally rewarding that is part and parcel when in the hunt for delicious eats.

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Until next time, as I always say, Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat To Your Heart's Content!

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