Choose from a wide variety of brew at Blugre Coffee

Pleasant memories are rekindled when I think of Blugre Coffee. This is the first coffee shop I have been to during my first visit in Davao City. I was with a team of fellow producers, marketing associates and our male TV host that had a Mindanao leg for our TV reality cooking show. It was a fun-filled yet exhausting week for all of us.  After our event, our executive producer who originally came from RNG Davao suggested that we spend the night going around Davao City. We were treated to a sumptuous Davao feast, checked out the infamous Seawall (which I will be featuring in the coming posts), exchanged laughs at the Matina Town Square (MTS) grounds and when we were chilling out, we transferred to Blugre Coffee Shop.

Blugre Coffee's version with Durian fruits

My executive producer commended Blugre's coffee and insisted that we should try the Durian-flavored coffee. To be honest, I was too afraid what my coffee would taste like if spiked with this exotic fruit. Too bad I did not know what I was missing. So during my return in Davao City, after getting approval to do an article about Durian from my Editor-In-Chief at 7107 Island Travel Magazine, the Durian Coffee at Blugre Coffee shop was top of my list.

Another brew of Durian-flavored coffee at Blugre

Some things are worth the wait, as Blugre Coffee delivers what I hope it would. My executive producer was absolutely right! The Durian-flavored coffee is rich and creamy. The marriage of the two ingredients - coffee and durian compliments each other. Just a dash of cinnamon on top and you're ready to enjoy this refreshing brew.

Durian Tart at Blugre Coffee

Blugre Durian Coffee is best paired with, what else - Durian Tart. It may seem to be thin, where the durian tart topping resembles an apple crumble pie, but the serving is just right. Creamy durian custard awaits your every bite. I like this version of Durian Tart with its mild durian taste - good for novice Durian eaters like me.

One of Davao City's pioneer in the coffee shop industry, Blugre Coffee Shop opened its doors in 1998 by a couple - Gatchi and Larcy Gatchalian. Soon food-related magazines where featuring them left and right. It was one of the best places to unwind and has now became one of Davao City's landmarks in the cafe industry. Blugre Coffee has grown over the years. Now with three Davao City branches, at MTS, Landco Corporate Center and SM City. In recent times, boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee opened a franchise outlet in General Santos City.


Branches : 
Matina Town Square (MTS), Landco Corporate Center and SM City
Franchise : 
General Santos City - Pacquiao Building and Robinson's Place

Join me this month of June, as I bring you more of Durian and the majestic land of Davao City. 

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