Though I am constantly armed with a map of the area I go to, maps are just guides so it is always highly recommended to look around, observe, ask if you must (only to decent looking individuals or preferably at the local tourism office) and walk to get a feel of the place.

Colon Street is famous for being one of the oldest streets in the Philippines and once my beau and I stepped into this historic path, I felt the need to walk it out and just experience it's ancient beauty. Since we were headed to one side (where the Colon Marker is standing) all we could see were the establishments that lined up. We did not get to marvel at some of the olden architectural landmarks of famous ancestral homes. But what we saw after the Colon Marker was equally enthralling.

The Heritage of Cebu Monument is a collection of various historical events and places all over the province of Cebu. This is said to be the work of art by famed sculptor Edgardo Castillo which was completed at the turn of the 21st century. This tableau, as the name suggests, showcases notable events giving a glimse of Cebu's colorful past which dates back from the era of Rajah Humabon to the Cebuano martyr Pedro Calungsod who is yet to be canonized late this year. Made of brass and concrete, the Heritage of Cebu Monument is said to stand the test of time.   


The easiest way to go get to The Heritage Monument is ply to Colon Street. You can opt to take a cab which is fairly available throughout the city. But to get here, we wanted to experience just like the locals. So from the Cebu South Terminal (coming from another well-loved Cebu province which I shall be featuring in the coming months), we boarded a jeepney bound for Colon Street. Certain jeepney codes that directly ply to Colon Street can guide you, decent locals gladly help. If you're coming from Parkmall or SM in Mandaue, take the "01K" jeepney code.

If you are coming from SM Cebu, you can opt to take the jeep with route code 10H. The jeepney passes by Cebu Cathedral which is not far from Colon Street and the Heritage of Cebu Monument.

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