Savvy Sojourns Almost Ready For The Journey

Savvy Sojourns is almost ready for a world of pleasurable discoveries.

Though much of the leg work from the name that this travel blog will carry, the conceptualization of segments or categories, to the places that will be featured have been finalized last August 2011, it is still taking me quite sometime to officially start with this new project, a travel blog.

My food blog, Eat To Your Heart's Content
Don't get me wrong, travel writing comes naturally too, though not as much as food writing (check out my food blog Eat To Your Heart's Content). I felt the need to constantly check the look of this travel blog where several repositioning took place and even setting up the same name at another free blogging site.

Fueled by my passion for discovering the amazing sights our 7107 islands has to offer, I think it's high time that this travel blog lifts off!

So allow me to personally invite you to join me here at Savvy Sojourns and together, journey to a world of pleasurable discoveries.

My sincerest thanks for checking out this site and spending your precious time. Hope you continue to join me as I share my journey to a world of pleasurable discoveries only here at Savvy Sojourns.

I hope you will join me as I explore a larger world. Those who have seen my food blog Eat To Your Heart's Content know that for me, food comes first, but travel is equally rewarding that is part and parcel when in the hunt for delicious eats.

Your comments and suggestions are valuable for the development of Savvy Sojourns. Feel free to write at the comment box or email me at or

Let's connect through these :

Hope you would also check out my food blog, Eat To Your Heart's Content for deliriously delicious dining discoveries.

Until next time, as I always say, Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat To Your Heart's Content!

Pie Rivera is a food columnist of Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine. For subscriptions to the magazine, you may email them at You can also check their WEBSITE.
All photos in this site were captured by Pie Rivera unless otherwise stated.
Information and rates indicated in the articles are accurate at the time of visit by this writer.

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